The University of Nottingham Ningbo China / Group Project (Jinzhao LI, Qiushi WANG)
Duration: 1 month
The existing diapers are focusing on baby pee issue. However, do babies poo in their diapers? Comparing with a normal diaper, EASY DIAPER not only has the technique to indicate baby pees but also contains semi-transparent windows to enable parents to detect poo easily. In addition, with the use of fluorescent, when a baby pees or poops at night, the diaper will shine like a glow-worm. The fluorescent function can be made by phytoextraction, which is safe and non-toxic. These new functions can help parents significantly to keep babies clean and comfortable
现有的纸尿裤都集中在宝宝尿尿问题上。然而,宝宝还会在纸尿裤里便便吗。与普通纸尿裤相比,EASY DIAPER不仅有提示宝宝尿尿的技术,还含有半透明的窗口,让家长能轻松发现宝宝的便便。此外,EASY DIAPER 使用了亲肤的荧光剂,当宝宝在夜间尿尿或便便时,纸尿裤会像萤火虫一样闪闪发光。荧光功能可以通过植物提取来制作,安全无毒。这些新功能可以极大地帮助父母保持宝宝的清洁和舒适。
 Babies are usually struggling when their parents check or change their diapers. So timing is important. For parents, it is difficult to define when is the right time to change the diapers. Whether the diaper is full or not. And this situation happens all day long, especially in the night. Also for poo, parents have to smell the diapers or open it up to check, even in the public area, which leads to a great inconvenience.
It is not easy to determine a right time to change the diaper
1. Cry & Struggle 
2.Poo or Pee?  
It is clear to see when parents should change the diaper
1. Daytime 
2. Night
During daytime, parents will see what is going on inside the diapers through the ‘transparent’ window. And in the night, parents can figure out whether they have to change the diaper through the fluorescence light.
白天,家长可以通过 "透明 "窗口看到纸尿裤里面的情况。而在晚上,家长可以通过荧光灯来了解是否要更换纸尿裤
Transparent circle on the diapers makes poo able to be visible from outside. Color changing from yellow to green makes pee to be visible on the diapers.

Composition, Structure and Function

Group Project
Student: Jinzhao LI; Qiushi WANG
Tutor: Xu SUN; Leijing ZHOU; Mohan LI​​​​​​​

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