Midea CDC / Team (Designer)
Role: Concept Development; Product Design; CAD Modeling; Rendering & Editorial​​​​​​​
Launch and production in 2023 & 2024
库卡 AMR 以自主开发的硬件和软件产品为基础,提供全套移动机器人和多行业解决方案。提供灵活、跨场景的智能制造和物流解决方案,可处理整个生产流程。
KUKA AMR provides a full range of mobile robot and multi-industry solutions based on hardware and software products developed in-house. We supply intelligent manufacturing and logistics solutions that are flexible, cross-scene, and handle the entire production process. 
高安全性和可靠性 High Safety & Reliability

• 系统级 NRTL 和 FCC 认证
支持 PL-d 级安全无线电系统、AGV 安全停止装置
• System-level NRTL and FCC certifications
• Single-line laser and touch sensor
• Voice alarm, light alarm, and e-stops (x2)
• Supports PL-d level safety radio system, AGV safety stop
紧凑人体工学设计 Compact and Ergonomic Design

The ‘Diamond-cut’ design concept is built based on concentric circles and tangent lines. Compared with similar products, it can achieve slewing and movement in a smaller space. The soft and excessive diamond cut design also ensures the safety of people around the robot when it is in motion. The specially designed light position allows the operator to quickly recognize the working status from any angle.
KMP +系列是库卡基于KMP潜伏式AMR和先进制造经验,推出的多款工业智能特种飞行器和复合机器人产品。这些产品由库卡中国采用模块化开发设计而成,其设计灵感来源于 PCB、SMT、光伏和医疗配送行业的专用飞行器。
Based on our KMP latent AMR and advanced manufacturing experiences, the KMP + series represents a variety of industrial intelligent special aircraft and composite robot products. These were designed by KUKA China using modular development and have been inspired by specialist aircraft in the PCB, SMT, photovoltaic, and medical distribution industries.
KMP 400P

KMP 400P 是一款单负载、400 千克潜伏顶升自主移动机器人 基于 SLAM 和 QR 码导航。其模块化设计和多功能接口 这意味着它可以实现快速定制--提高客户生产线的灵活性、效率、安全性和智能化。和智能化。KMP 400P 是 3C、PCB、SMT、电子商务、物流和许多其他行业的理想选择。
The KMP 400P is a single-load, 400kg latent jacking autonomous mobile robot based on SLAM and QR code navigation. Its modular design and versatile interfaces mean it can achieve quick customization – boosting the flexibility, efficiency, safety, and intelligence of our customers’ production lines. The KMP 400P is ideal for 3C, PCB, SMT, e-commerce, logistics, and many other industries.
KMP 600P

 KMP 600P-C-U - 以智能、灵活、稳定、高效为特点,致力于提高作业效率,降低人力成本,实现真正意义上的无人化作业操作。
KMP 600P-C-U– characterized by intelligence, flexibility, stability, and efficiency, and dedicated to improving operational efficiency, reducing labor costs, and achieving truly unmanned operation.
KMP 1500P 

KMP 1500P 是基于库卡导航解决方案技术的新产品、 提供高精度、高性能和高安全性,来更灵活性、智能性和效率的操作。
KMP 1500P is a new product based on KUKA’s Navigation Solution technology, offering high accuracy, high performance, and high safety, and bringing improved flexibility, intelligence, and efficiency to your operations.
KMP 3000P

KMP 3000P 单机负载3000KG的电动举升自主移动机器人,具备精度高,动态环境适应性好,高效率等特性。可以广泛应用于3C,新能源,汽车,白色家电,电商物流等工业
KMP 3000P is a 3000KG electric lifting autonomous mobile robot with high precision, good adaptability to dynamic environments, high efficiency, etc. It can be widely used in 3C, new energy, automotive, white goods, and logistics industries. ​​​​​​​
KUKA KMP Series​​​​​​​

From left to right are 400P; 600P; 1500P; 3000P

1:8 model photos and photos of the AGVs at the show
Special Thanks
AD Team
KUKA China - Logistics Automation - R&D Team
Reddot Award Product Design 2024: Best of the Best

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