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Design for Cleaning Appliance BU
P-8 is a new generation of wireless handheld vacuum cleaner platforms. Based on the transverse dust cup and T-shaped body, it achieves smaller volume, lighter weight, and longer service life. The new ergonomic layout makes the handle closer to the center of gravity of the product, making the vacuum cleaner easier to operate, and it’s more suitable for longer cleaning because of the ergonomic design. The “flying fish” shaped body makes the product more integrated and organic, the use status of the product can be easily confirmed through the hidden screen and the indicator light below the two buttons.
P-8 是新一代无线手持吸尘器平台。 基于横向尘杯和T型机身,体积更小,重量更轻,使用寿命更长。 全新的人体工学布局,使手柄更靠近产品重心,使吸尘器更易操作,人体工学设计更适合长时间清洁。 “飞鱼”造型的机身让产品更加的整体化和有机化,通过隐藏的屏幕和两个按键下方的指示灯,可以轻松确认产品的使用状态。
Different from the structure of the traditional vacuum cleaner, the P-8 is a triangular structure. The horizontally arranged dust cup is T-shaped and positioned with the motor & battery. The center of gravity can be close to the handle as much as possible, and the volume can be reduced so that the user can hold and use it more comfortably for a long time. The inclined handle, which is close to 45 degrees, can be comfortably held by the user under any circumstances. The removable lithium battery design can be quickly replaced, greatly extending the working time.

Side View

Front View

The new appearance design of “flying fish” makes the whole machine look organic and smooth. Through the smooth curved surface, all functional modules of the product are merged, which makes the appearance more integrated and pure than other traditional vacuum cleaners. The body is spliced by dark chrome and frosting finish, and the screen is cleverly hidden on the top and lights up from the back while it‘s working, giving users an unprecedented sense of the future and technology.
“飞鱼”全新外观设计,让整机看起来有机流畅。 通过光滑的曲面,将产品的所有功能模块融合在一起,使得外观比其他传统吸尘器更加一体化和纯粹。 机身采用深镀铬和磨砂拼接,屏幕巧妙隐藏在顶部,工作时从背面亮起,给用户前所未有的未来感和科技感。
We have redesigned the structure of the vacuum cleaner, so that the weight of each part of the machine is evenly distributed in the front and back of the handle, making the grip feel more balanced and ergonomic. And the new design is more compact, reducing the volume to achieve the purpose of being lightweight and delivering delightful experiences
我们重新设计了吸尘器的结构,让机器各部分的重量均匀分布在手柄的前后,握持手感更加平衡,符合人体工学。 并且新的设计更加紧凑,减小了体积,达到轻量化和提供愉悦体验的目的
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