Midea CDC / Team (PM)
​​​​​​​Role: Project lead; Research; Concept Development; Product Design; CAD Modeling; CMF; Design for Manufacture; Production Follow-up
Launch and production in 2023
SDD project (Single Day Deployment) is self-developed by CRC, together with KUKA robots debuting at the 2022 China International Industry Fair. 

Internally, provide cost-effective 3D camera products to the internal users of Midea Group (Midea, KUKA, Swisslog, Servotronix). And externally, provide entry points and hardware carriers for the Group's future layout in industrial vision. 

From Sketches to 2D Design

​​​​​​​Top View

1. Logo plate
2. Top shell with heat sink
3. PCB board
4. Indicating light
5. Projector
6. Camera
7. KUKA orange ring
8. Main body cover
9. Glass
10. Bottom shell with heat sink

3D Camera Top Side

3D 相机顶侧

3D Camera Back Side

3D 相机底侧

Scene Imaging Optimization (Above)   Innovative Codec Technology (Below)
MV BASIC M-0101-S The application for a real-time 3D camera can be installed directly near the performing robot. This enables the robot to obtain the same visual acuity as a human being's visual perception, views objects from 3 dimensions and performs various tasks requiring high precision such as disorderly grasping, positioning, assembly, and robotic welding processes. The lightweight aluminum housing is subtly integrated with the overall shape and has an excellent protection mechanism, which is both dustproof and waterproof. It also provides excellent heat dissipation without the need for additional coolers. A perfect durable, precise machinery to make the day productive.
MV BASIC M-0101-S实时3D相机可以直接安装在机器人附近,他能够使机器人获得与人类相同的视觉敏锐度,以三维视角来观察物体,并且完成无序抓取、定位、装配、焊接等对精度要求较高的各种工作。轻质铝制外壳与整体造型巧妙地融合在一起,具有出色的保护机制,既防尘又防水。同时提供出色的散热效果,不需要额外的冷却器。热量可以轻松地通过机身表面上的梳状散热片消去。

Indicating Light White = Working Mode

Indicating Light Red Blink = Error

There is an appealing LED indicator on the top, which brings a sense of technology and allows the user to visually access the machine's operating status.
​​​​​​​As for the logo plate, it can easily be snapped on and switched out for other brands like KUKA, and Swisslog.

Servotronix Logo Plate

Swisslog Logo Plate

Servotronix Version

Swisslog Version

Working Prototype
Internal Structure & Performance Test & Working Scene
Final Product Prototype
Special Thanks
AD Team
Corporate Research Center - Intelligent Perception Team​​​​​​​

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