'alive' + 'emotional bonding' + 'household product' = CO-habitant
Audio speaker design

RCA / Solo
Role: Research; Concept Development; Product Design; CAD Modeling; CMF; Mockup Making
Duration: 4 months
Smart homes have been evolving gradually in recent years, and in the coming years, these ‘robots’ are destined to play an important role in our daily lives - not as super-intelligent functional machines, but as technological cohabitants.
近年来,智能家居逐渐发展,在未来几年,这些 "机器人 "注定要在我们的日常生活中扮演重要角色--不是作为超级智能的功能机器,而是作为科技同居者。
In our daily life, there are always a variety of different items that make us care for them and love them more. Even if these items were not intentionally designed to be so, for example, a watch handed down by one’s grandfather. One thing these items have in common is that their owners all have an emotional connection to them.
What if these 'robots' are alive?
What if an e-product could generate this emotional bonding with the user?
This project is an exploration of how an object ‘communicates’ its status to evoke an emotional attachment between it and user. 
这个项目是探索物品如何 通过"传达 "它的状态,以唤起它和用户之间的情感联系。​​​​​​​
Press the button to startup.
CO-habitant is an audio speaker. But it is not just a regular audio speaker – it is an individual featuring its own personalities whose behaviours change over time. It is trying to create a good relationship with its user during usage. The speaker communicates its status based on how the user uses it.

When the speaker is first powered on, it will consider the first device, which makes a BlueTooth connection with itself as the master. When the master is getting close to it, it will express happiness, because it probably means that the master is going to use it to play some music. As a speaker, its job is to play music. And the more often you are using this device, the higher the chance that it might dance with the music. It recognises you; it interacts with you, which make the speaker unique to you.
Emotionally interactive technological products enhance loyalty and satisfaction and may promote happiness and well-being.
Unique to you
Thus, the user could distinguish his/her product from thousands of similar products. And recognize this one is my co-habitant. During the whole user experience, the speaker will gradually create this emotional bonding with the user. 

Making a connection with the USER

Recognize and only interact with the USER

Distance 3-8m
Distance 3-8m
Distance 1-3m
Distance 1-3m
Distance < 1m
Distance < 1m
Working principle
The basic working principle behind the speaker is that it will first identify other BlueTooth devices. And then it will calculate the distance between them. And base on the distance, it will express itself through the movement of solenoids on top.​​​​​​​
这款音箱的基本工作原理是,它首先会识别其他蓝牙设备, 然后它会计算它们之间的距离。然后根据这个距离,它就会通过上部电磁铁群的运动来表达自己的想法。
’Communicate‘ through solenoids
'Input' by BlueTooth RSSI
The internal structure of CO-habitant Audio is printed on the surface of the package. Introduce the user to the internal structure of the product at the first contact with the product
包装的表面印有CO-habitant音响的内部结构。 在用户接触产品的第一时间,向用户介绍产品的内部构造。
Exploded view
'alive' + 'emotional bonding' + 'household product' = CO-habitan

Press the button again to shut down.

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