Midea CDC / Team (Designer)
Role: Concept Development; Product Design; CAD Modeling; CMF; Design for Manufacture​​​​​​​
Design for SERVOTRONIX - Launch, and production in 2023.06
DC304 is a handheld control system used to improve the efficiency of industrial intelligent processing processes. It is used in the injection molding product processing industry and has potential in the metal processing industry and co-robot products.

 In hardware design innovation, the structure design is integrated with the display and control unit directly reducing the working steps and obtaining real-time data updating. From an interaction perspective, using a vertical screen and simplified flat UI system to bring a different user experience with harmoniously combined digital and tangible UI. Users can directly reduce the operation steps and obtain a real-time update of parameters.
在硬件设计创新方面,结构设计与显示和控制单元一体化,直接减少了工作步骤,获得实时数据更新。 从交互的角度来看,采用垂直屏幕和简化的平面UI系统,以数字和有形UI的和谐结合带来不同的用户体验。用户可以直接减少操作步骤,获得参数的实时更新。

With excellent ergonomic design enables users to hold the controller comfortably and firmly. The physical controller is designed for easy one-hand holding that meets practical needs such as long-term griping and frequent working mode transitions. A newly crafted software system brings clear function departments, consistent layout arrangement, and concise content communication, which relieve the burden and release stress.

 Key 2D Sketch

Front View

Based on the concept of concise, clear, regular, and consistent appearance design. Inspired by the “scroll”, the user‘s hands can hold the machine more firmly, while the arc-shaped edge fits the palm more closely, improving the comfort of long-term use. Unified, dark surface treatment, allowing users to focus on operation. The overall impression is simple and powerful. It guides the users from vision and touch.
基于简洁、清晰、规则、一致的外观设计理念。受 "卷轴 "的启发,用户的手可以更牢固地握住机器,而弧形的边缘更贴合手掌,提高了长期使用的舒适性。统一的深色表面处理,使用户能够专注于操作。 整体给人的印象是简单而有力。它从视觉和触觉上引导用户。

Front Quarter View

Back Quarter View

Iconic logo engraving at the knob.

Iconic SERVOTRONIX green on knob indication.

Special Thanks
AD Team
Servotronix Motion Control Ltd - Industrial Automation Team

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