Midea CDC / Team (PM)
Role: Project lead; Research; Concept Development; Product Design; CAD Modeling; CMF; Design for Manufacture; Production Follow-up
Launch and production in 2023 & 2024
Servotronix BD3E伺服驱动系统有四种尺寸,功率等级。采用实时以太网技术,可支持大型复杂机械设备中的单个或多个应用,例如电子制造或印刷包装行业。凭借其驱动性能、总线端口兼容性和扩展功能,为反馈控制系统提供了轻便高效的解决方案。
The Servotronix BD3E servo drive system is available in four sizes with different power classes. Real-time Ethernet technology is utilized to support single or multiple applications in large, complex machinery and equipment, such as electronics manufacturing or the printing and packaging industry. With its drive performance, bus port compatibility, and expansion capabilities, it offers a lightweight and efficient solution for feedback control systems.

不同结构及布局排列2D效果  2D effects with different structures and layouts

正视图  Final Design Front View

结构清晰的接口布局, 隐藏式电池仓使得整体机身干净整洁。设计上延续了Servotronix PI中精致的柔和过度空气格栅设计,以及Servotronix logo造型的主动散热格栅。
The design creates a clearly structured interface layout, and the hidden battery compartment keeps the overall body clean and uncluttered. The design is a continuation of Servotronix PI's sophisticated soft-over-air grille design and the Servotronix logo-shaped active cooling grille.

Working Scene for the BD3E Series

Special Thanks
AD Team
Servotronix Motion Control Ltd - Industrial Automation Team
Servotronix Motion Control Ltd - Product and Technical Support Team

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